Cheat Meal Burpees

Cheat Meal Burpees

So today is the start of the 90 Day Challenge and I thought it would be fun and interesting to put myself through a little experiment while I am participating. What I have set out to do is to find a way to better manage my cheat meals (which in the past have been a little out of control…just ask me about the Graveyard Burger challenge…) and also to hold myself accountable for my actions. The idea I came up with is to have myself “paying” for cheat meals or snacks with Burpees as the currency.

What I hope to Accomplish

I want to find out a few things by doing this. The first is how badly I really want some of these things when I have a craving. If I’m really willing to do a couple hundred Burpees for a Milkshake then that’s a problem! I also want to see how well I can manage my “currency” throughout the 90 Days. This isn’t about punishing myself for having a treat. It is about holding myself accountable for my actions, seeing if a cheat meal is really worth the cost I have assigned to it and if I even still want it after I have paid. My hypothesis is that by doing this I will cheat very rarely because a slice of pizza for example will not be worth doing 30 Burpees in addition to the real money that I am paying for it.


1.    I have a total balance of 1000 Burpees to work with over the course of the challenge.
2.    If I neglect to do the Burpees then I am charged +25 Burpees for every day that passes until they are completed.
3.    Burpees must be completed before the cheat meal. That means these meals should be planned ahead and not be spur of the moment.
4.    If this is something you want to try you can make your own list of cheat foods and assign them Burpee Values.

Step One: My Favorite Junk Foods

The first thing I did was I thought about and made a list of the poor food choices that I know will be tempting me on a regular basis and assigned them a Burpee Value. A Burpee Value is simply an amount of Burpees that each cheat item cost.

My List

1.    Ice Cream / Milk Shakes = 20 Burpees per Ounce
2.    Pizza = 30 Burpees per Slice
3.    Flavored Water = 15 Burpees per Ounce
4.    Cookies = 10 Burpees per Cookie
5.    Tortilla Chips = 7 Burpees per Chip
6.    Peanut M&Ms = 5 Burpees per M&M

Step Two: Actions & Junk Food

Next I thought about what actions or steps do I take that usually lead me to making poor dietary decisions. I think these things are pretty much universal for everyone and I assigned each one a Baseline Burpee Value. The Baseline Burpee Value is a set amount of Burpees you perform in addition to the Burpees each junk food item is worth.

For Example: If I decide that I am going to make a terrible decision and go to McDonalds for a milkshake then I have to pay for that trip with 100 Burpees +20 Burpees for every ounce in the shake (better get a small one!).

1.    Purchasing Bad Food = 50 Burpees.
–    Bottom line is no one should be wasting money making poor choices at the grocery store, but if you are hardcore enough to do the Burpees right there in the store then cut it down to 25.
2.    Going to a Restaurant = 75 Burpees (Eating Paleo negates the Burpees).
3.    Going to a Fast Food Restaurant = 100 Burpees and +50 for being lazy and using the drive through.
4.    Friends & Family = 25 Burpees
–    I know when I go home to my family’s house there are far more temptations. My mom loves baking cookies & cakes ect… So I have to make sure I do not over do it when I go there.

I’ll be recording how this is going during my updates.


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