Push Through Every Single Second!

I remember during AMRAPS at Albany CrossFit when coaches would yell out “5 seconds left!” that I would notice out of the corner of my eye some athletes stopping their workout. I always tried to make it a point to keep working until I hear the buzzer sound and today was no different. I feel that just because there are only a few seconds left doesn’t mean the WOD is over and if you have 13 out of 15 repetitions done when the buzzer sounds you should get them done too; even if they don’t count for your score. The Gym Boss tells you when it’s over because…well…it’s the boss! Those last few 30, 15, 10 or 5 seconds of a WOD and the work that you can accomplish during them are just as important as all the others. Don’t step off the gas! Push through every single second!

Today I woke up and felt the brutal beating yesterday’s WOD gave my Lats, Chest and Legs. It hurt just to roll over and wrap more blanket around myself. Eventually I decided it was time to get up and soon after to my dismay I saw “Cindy” would be today’s benchmark WOD. The last time Cindy and I crossed paths I ended up having to scale halfway through to band Pull-Ups and modified Push-Ups which ended in 9 completed rounds. This time however I decided to think things through a little bit and scaled at the very the beginning. The band I used is about the equivalent to the green band at Albany CrossFit. After hitting a disappointing 7 Max Pull-Ups I knew that by the time round two rolled around I would be in need of a band. I ended the WOD with 11 rounds completed and 5-10-13 repetitions completed of round 12. I felt really good after today’s workout.



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