Secrets From Arnold

All my life I have always been a big fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger. I love to watch his movies and also to read about his past body building exploits. Yes, I know Body Building is the devil to many and I am definitely not a body builder. I just admire what the man accomplished and what he has contributed towards weight training during his career. I also don’t care about what the he has done in his personal life since that is his business. Yesterday I found yet another great Arnold video on YouTube titled “Arnold’s Six Secrets to Success.” I’m not sure where this speech was given, but everything Arnold talked about doesn’t only apply to the gym, but to life in general and it made me think about whether or not I am following all of Arnold’s “Secrets.”

I’m not sure how to put videos into this blog just yet so here is a link instead!: LINK

Six Secrets to Success
1. Trust yourself and do what you love to do no matter what anyone else thinks.
– This has never been a big problem for me. I always do the things I love to do regardless of what others think.

2. Break the rules
– Hmm…I can’t say that I have broken the rules. In part I’m not really sure how I could go about doing this. Suggestions?

3. Don’t be afraid to fail
– I’m definitely following this one. I have never been afraid to fail at trying something and I try to look at all my experiences as an opportunity to learn and grow.

4. Don’t listen to the naysayers
– I have been very blessed by having very supportive people in my life. I don’t think I have ever had someone tell me that I couldn’t do something.

5. Work Hard
– This one at times has been sort of like a seesaw for Working Hard and Hardly Working. In the past I have busted my butt for months and achieved things I wanted to and then at other times I sort of just slacked off. I think as I have become older I tend to work hard more and slack less.

6. Give Back
– I always try to give back in some form to benefit others when I can. I try to give back by participating in a fundraisers, helping friends with a project or going the extra mile for my clients. I’m sure there is more I could be doing too and I believe that this is one point of success that should definitely not be ignored.


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