Step Away From The Cake!

Ever have a craving for something you know you shouldn’t be eating so badly that it might be worth committing a crime to satisfy it? I debated this earlier today in Sam’s Club as I stood over a triple layered chocolate cake and its sweet and delicious sibling the lemon pecan cake. Forget spoons and forks.  I wanted to just use my hand as a giant spoon and dig out a giant piece of the stuff and enjoy it right there on the sales floor as people looked at me like an insane person. Fortunately I came to my senses, put down the cake and slowly walked away…

Apparently however this would be a day filled with test to my will power. Soon after leaving Sam’s Club I went to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Anyone who has ever been there knows how delicious their bread and cinnamon butter is. Those rolls looked so beautiful on my table glistening underneath the table light. I had to be very strong for this test because not only are these rolls amazing, but they’re free too! I had my friend hide them behind the peanut buckets (no temptation there) and forgot about them for the rest of the meal. I ended up ordering a steak (no sauce), Sweet Potato and Broccoli which according to the rules of “Cheat Meal Burpees” cost me zero burpees.

The final test of the day came at the movie theater. I just recently started working at a movie theater for some extra cash. It has been extremely difficult working there and trying to eat paleo because I’m constantly surrounded by free junk food!. In addition to the free popcorn and drinks the staff is treated to pizza, subs, chips and cookies on a regular basis for doing a good job. Sounds amazing right? Wrong. Tonight at a free movie showing for staff of the “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” (which was pretty good) there was a snack overload. As you can see in the picture below there were M&M’s, Tortilla Chips, Salsa, Amazing looking cup cakes, Sour Skittles, Pretzel Bites with Cheese, tons of popcorn and soda. I’m proud to say that in the face of all that I stayed strong and just had water. Today was the biggest challenge to my diet thus far…and we are only 5 days into the challenge!


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