Challenge Information

Taken from the Albany CrossFit Website.

“Before” pics can start immediately. Please ask a coach (politely) to take your picture. Keep in mind if you ask during class you might have to wait until after. Women will be expected to take their pictures in a sports bra and shorts (the less you cover the better you chances). Men will be no shirt. Any questions?


1st Place – 1 year membership

2nd Place – 3 month membership

3rd Place – 1 month membership

4th Place – $50 certificate

5th Place – $25 certificate

Memberships are not transferable.

How it will work:

You must take a before picture prior to January 5th.

After 90 Days a Panel of Judges will vote on the following criteria:

Before and After Pictures

Working out:

How many WODs did you hit per week?
Did you attend any specialty classes?
Did you incorporate active recovery days


Did you keep a food log?
How strict was your nutrition?
How many cheat days did you have?

Random Challenges:



2k Row
1RM Deadlift
“Fran” “Cindy” “Grace”
Max Pullups

This challenge is not just who looks best.  It is who dedicated themselves the most to health and fitness.  If you feel you don’t need to lose or gain weight, you can still enter and win this challenge.

More information coming soon.


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