01-11-2012 Tri-State Trowdown

Event Information

Location: Albany CrossFit, 444 Sand Creek Road, Albany, New York 12205

Date: Saturday, February 11th, 2012

Start Time: 9:00am

Cost: $50. Athlete’s received an event t-shirt and wristband for a free meal at Chipotles.


Men’s RX, Women’s RX, Men’s Masters (45+), Women’s Masters (45+), Men’s Recreational, Women’s Recreational.

Athlete check-in opened Friday, February 10th, 2012 at 7:00pm and closed at 8:00am the day of the event.

Event Recap

            The Albany CrossFit Tri-State Throwdown, was an exciting and challenging competition, that brought together athletes from all over New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts. Over ten hours and five grueling workouts throughout the day, showed me how I have improved as a CrossFit athlete, what I need to work on and left me sore for days!. In between workouts, I met many great people and witnessed some amazing performances from all of the divisions.

Note: I will only be listing the Recreational WODs because that is the division I competed in.


9 Box Jumps or Step Ups (20” Box)

6 Hand Release Pushups

3 Front Squats (95#/65#)

Box Jumps!

This was a tough little WOD that left my legs destroyed for the rest of the day. I originally started with Box Jumps, but eventually switched to Step Ups. I regret not using the Step Ups to my advantage right from the beginning, they take me roughly the same amount of time, but are far less taxing on my legs. No rack was provided for the Front Squats. We had to Power Clean the weight to our shoulders and then squat with it (a Squat Clean was allowed for the first repetition).

My Score: 8 Rounds + 4 Repetitions

WOD TWO: “Grace” – For Time

30 Clean and Jerks (95#/65#)

My goal was to shoot for three sets of ten repetitions, but that plan quickly went out the window after the first set! I was really happy to finish this WOD in less than five minutes. Grace is slowly turning into one of my favorite workouts!

My Score: 4 Minutes 39 Seconds


PART A: Max Axle Ground to Overhead

Max Axle Ground to Overhead

            Each athlete was given an Axle (a really fat barbell used in Strongman events) and a stack of plates. We had six minutes to establish a max weight clean and jerk (or any other way we can move the weight from the ground to overhead). I was a little disappointed in how I performed in this WOD. In the past I was capable of Axle Cleaning 155lbs, but I struggled with 135lbs on this day. Looking back on things now, I wish it would have occurred to me to try Squat Cleaning the barbell. I know I could have pressed higher weights, it was racking the bar to my shoulders that was the problem and I know my technique was pretty poor.

My Score: 130lbs

PART B: Max Distance Row

            After the Max Axle Ground to Overhead we had a four minute rest period followed by 6 minutes to Row as far as possible. This was a tough six minutes and during the last two minutes I started to get a cramp!. Luckily I had Albany CrossFit coaches Josh and Kia there to keep me working hard.

My Score: 1,259 Meters

WOD FOUR: 3 Rounds for Time

7 Deadlifts (185#)

14 Air Squats

21 Single Jump Ropes

Air Squats!

I remember being really amped for this WOD. It was the last workout we would be doing for the day and I wanted to put everything I had left into it. My goal was to do everything unbroken and I certainly accomplished that. Not only was this the fastest I had ever completed a CrossFit workout, but I was also the first person done in my Heat! It was such an amazing feeling to finish the WOD and look up and see everyone else still working.

My Score: 2 Minutes 27 Seconds

Final Ranking: 23 out of 26

Shout Outs!

Walter Boldish

WOD FOUR called for Speed Jump Ropes and unfortunately I did not own one at the time! I quickly purchased one, but ran into some problems adjusting it for my height. Walter went above and beyond to help me straighten things out. Without his help I would not have been able to do this last event. Thanks again Walter!!

Troy Lupo-Mack

This competition was my friend Troy’s first time experiencing CrossFit workouts. He did an amazing job placing 8th in the recreational division! I am definitely proud of him for stepping up and trying this out after months nagging from yours truly.

Troy Kicking Ass


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