03-31-2012 X’s and Y’s Garage Games

Event Information

Location: Albany CrossFit, 444 Sand Creek Road, Albany, New York 12205

Date: Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Start Time: 10:00am

Teams: One man and one woman per team.

Cost: $40 per Team Member.


RX, Recreational

Athlete check-in opened Friday, March 30th, 2012 at 7:00pm and closed at 8:30am the day of the event.

Event Recap

            The 2012 X’s and Y’s Garage Games was a CrossFit event where teams consisting of one man (Y) and one woman (X) competed against one another in team workouts. I was really happy when I heard about this event because I have wanted to try competing in a team event ever since I volunteered at the 2011 Fall Face Off. I partnered up with the amazing Katie Hunter from Albany CrossFit and we set out to kick some ass!! Our team name was “Poppin Fresh.”

Note: I will only be listing the Recreational WODs because that is the division I competed in.

WOD ONE: 10 Minutes AMRAP


10 Ab Mat Situps

10 Box Jumps or Step Ups (20” Box)

MAX Kettle Bell Swing (53#/35#)

PART B: Max Distance Row

            The first event of the day was a tough one. Katie started on the rower and I started with PART A of this WOD. After one minute we switched stations and while I added to the meter that Katie accumulated on the Rower she worked on completing as many repetitions with PART A of this WOD. We continued switching back and forth for the remainder of the ten minutes.

Our Scores: 2,080 Meters on the Rower. I am unsure about our PART A score.

WOD TWO: Barbell Ladder

Women: Deadlift

Men: Clean & Jerk

Successful145lb Clean & Jerk!

This was my favorite WOD of the event. The barbell ladder consisted of 16 barbells. For the recreational division the first barbell weighed 95lbs and the last one weighed 245lbs. Each team started at the 95lb barbell and progressed through all the other weights provided successful repetitions were completed. Each team had thirty seconds for the woman to complete one Deadlift and the man to complete one Clean & Jerk. If one team member misses their attempts and runs out of time then the other team member can continue through the barbell ladder until they can go no further.

            I was really happy with how this event went for our team. The last weight I successfully Clean & Jerked was 155lbs. This was a new personal record for me! I failed at my attempt at 165lbs. Katie on the other hand continued all the way through the barbell ladder and Deadlifted 245lbs with ease!

Our Scores: James: 155lbs Katie: 245lbs


5 Thrusters (95#/65#)

10 Ring Rows

10 Burpees

This last event was just an absolute killer! I managed to buzz through three full rounds and then it felt like I was doing Thrusters with 1000lbs. I really started to struggle during the last two rounds I completed, but Katie held it all together. I was never this happy to have a workout end than I was after our 15 minutes in hell was over.

Our Scores: James: 5 Rounds Katie: 4 Rounds + 17 Repetitions

Overall Score: Our team finished 43rd out of 53 Teams!

Shout Outs!

Katie Hunter

Katie was the best partner ever. She worked her butt off and carried our team through all three workouts…literally…just checkout the picture below.

Carrying the Team!

Chris Rivera

My friend Chris has been CrossFit training for a few months now and this was his first taste of competition. Chris and his partner Margaritte did an outstanding job and placed 42nd in the scaled division.


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